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Learning Communities and the Academic Library

As libraries, information specialists, media specialists, librarians, and faculty members struggle to keep up with rapidly proliferating changes, they must more deliberately prepare students for effective use of information. Along with greater demand for rapid, flexible, and facile learning comes the need for practicing deep and thoughtful engagement with this new-found wealth.
  Sarah Pedersen

Sarah Pedersen. National Learning Communities Project monograph series. 2003.

This publication provides a history and analysis of the learning community movement in higher education and examples of academic librarians' involvement in learning communities ranging from structured, credit courses to more informal arrangements within courses. It considers the place of information literacy and interdisciplinary general education by briefly describing and categorizing fourteen learning community programs. Additional information includes the Association of College and Research Libraries' Information Literacy Competency Standards and a selective list of references.

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Mary Reichel and Carol Grotnes Belk


Section 1: Learning Communities and the Academic Library

Section 2: Appendix

Section 3: References

Section 4: Additional Resources

Section 5: Contributor

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