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The Critical Moments Project

Critical moments are critical events in the educational experiences of nontraditional or historically under- represented students...those times when such students perceived that their difference set them apart and made them vulnerable to dropping out. Feeling silenced, misunderstood, or unable to negotiate articulately, they lived through these critical moments in isolation. But the moments are also critical because they are opportunities for reflective practice, both on the part of students and the institution.
  — Diane Gillespie and George Woods

Gillies Malnarich and Diane Gillespie, eds. The Critical Moments Project monograph. 2004.

George Woods

Introduction: For Equity in Education 
Gillies Malnarich

Section One: Origins and Development 
Gillies Malnarich

Section Two: Essential Practices 
Diane Gilliespie

Section Three: Partner Institutions   

Section Four: References and Resources