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Diversity, Educational Equity, and Learning Communities

Learning communities can become places where students and teachers experience the gift of learning with others who understand the world differently not just because of disciplinary differences, but also because of genuine differences in how we experience and interpret reality, how and where we are situated, and the social identities that shape our thinking.
  Emily Lardner

Emily Lardner, with others. Learning Communities & Educational Reform monograph series. Summer 2005.

This publication describes the powerful possibilities of intentionally integrating the rich history of diversity work on campuses with learning communities. The lead essay along with five campus stories illustrate the complexities and the benefits of turning classrooms and campuses into places where under-represented students experience academic success.

Emily Lardner

The Heart of Education: Translating Diversity into Equity
Emily Lardner

(In)Visibility: Teaching Diversity on a "Homogeneous" Campus
Heather Keast and Barbara Williamson

Nurturing the "Whole Person": The Learning Community Experience as a Safe Space
Carol Hamilton and Jane Lister Reis

Classroom Strategies for Learning Community Faculty: Situated Knowledge for Global Citizenship
Phyllis van Slyck

Visible Border Crossers: Reflections on Faculty Collaboration
Debora Barrera Pontillo and Catherine Crain

"Varying Realities of the Human Experience": University Studies Program at Portland State University
Charles Ryan Brown, Grace L. Dillon, Celine Fitzmaurice, Greg Jacob, Yves Labissiere, Antonia Levi, Cherry Muhanji, Candyce Reynolds, and Jack Straton

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