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Learning Communities and Fiscal Reality: Learning in a Time of Restricted Resources

Dealing with difficult fiscal struggles while maintaining the quality of faculty work life and student learning will require that most institutions fundamentally restructure how faculty teach, how students are educated, how resources are distributed, and how campuses are organized.
  Alan Guskin, Mary B. Marcy, and Barbara Leigh Smith

Alan Guskin, Mary B. Marcy, and Barbara Leigh Smith. National Learning Communities Project monograph series. 2004.

This publication reviews the critical issues facing learning communities in a time of limited resources. Different approaches to designing learning communities are discussed in terms of their educational and fiscal implications. Considerations for designing sustainable learning community programs are examined.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Learning Communities in Context: The External Environment

Chapter 2: Educational Restructuring through Learning Communities

Chapter 3: Restructuring through Learning Communities

Chapter 4: Developing Sustainable Learning Communities to Optimize Learning and Control Costs

Chapter 5: Promoting and Sustaining Innovation

Chapter 6: What's Ahead

Chapter 7: Appendix

Chapter 8: References

Chapter 9: Additional Resources

Chapter 10: Contributors

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