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Learning Community Research and Assessment: What We Know Now

Learning communities provide fertile ground for strengthening and deepening higher education research and assessment. We hope that this study will affirm the significant work that has been done and encourage those engaged in learning community research and assessment to tell their stories of innovation more effectively.
  Kathe Taylor, William S. Moore, Jean MacGregor, and Jerri Lindblad

Kathe Taylor, with William S. Moore, Jean MacGregor, and Jerri Lindblad. National Learning Communities Project monograph series. 2003.

This publication addresses the question "do learning communities really work?" by reviewing previous assessment studies, highlighting some single institution studies and some notable research studies. It suggests areas for further research and assessment. Appendices include annotated bibliographies, a matrix of research studies, and some commercially available assessment instruments.

Table of Contents

Vincent Tinto

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Do Learning Communities Really "Work?"

Chapter 2: Research Studies

Chapter 3: Single-Institution Assessment Reports

Chapter 4: Notable Assessment Reports

Chapter 5: Future Directions for Learning Community Research and Assessment

Chapter 6: Contributors

Chapter 7: Appendices

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