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The Jigsaw Project

A Kingsborough Community College project

No single program effectively remedies the many challenges that face today's community college student. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the many pieces must fit together to form a coherent whole.
– Regina S. Peruggi, President, Kingsborough Community College

Research studies show that in order to increase student success all areas of a college must work together to coordinate their services. For several years, Kingsborough Community College has focused on linking learning communities with a range of other high-impact practices to increase student persistence and achievement rates.

This two-year project (2011-2013) aims to replicate Kingsborough's learner-centered approach at four other colleges across the country. Partner institutions are adapting the Kingsborough model of institutional transformation to their colleges.

Participating Institutions

Derek V. Price, developmental evaluation lead, invited the Washington Center to join him in this effort. Funding is provided by a grant from the Fund for Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)


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