Institute Sessions

Pre-Institute Workshops

Monday, July 11, 2022 | 12:30-2:30 pm

Cultivating Leadership for Institutional Change

Facilitated by Larry Roper (Oregon State University)

This interactive workshop will allow participants to explore the leadership landscape at their institution and within higher education and consider possibilities for how to achieve the meaningful change/transformation they seek. The workshop will focus on:

  • Understanding challenges and change;
  • Making sense of relationships and interactions;
  • Embracing leadership and the possibilities it presents;
  • Declaring, committing and working towards desired outcomes

Growing a Sustainable Learning Community Program: Why and How? 

Facilitated by Rachel Singer (Washington Center) and Janine Graziano (Kingsborough Community College)

This interactive, self-reflective workshop will explore why we do learning communities and how to best start, support, sustain, and expand them. Participants will be invited to think about and discuss how to implement and grow learning communities on their campuses and will walk away with a plan for doing so.


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