Summer Institute 2009

Follow-up Support and Visits

What support from the Washington Center can you expect after the institute?

Our website resources—the learning communities directory, LEARNCOM listserve, and resources on the Washington Center website are always available. There may also be a regional learning communities network in your area. If not, and you are interested in starting one, we would be happy to connect you with other practitioners and programs in your region.

Some institutions find it useful to have resource faculty from the summer institute do a follow-up campus visit to support their learning community initiative as it develops, particularly implementation of the Learning Community Action Plan each team develops during the institute.

Site visits are usually one full day. Activities are tailored to meet the needs of the institution and often include a professional development event. On most campuses, faculty find it useful to have at least two hours of time dedicated to designing integrative assignments. In addition, when teams have been teaching in learning communities for a while and have examples of student work, a site visit can include an opportunity to use the collaborative assessment protocol and reflect on students’ learning in learning community programs.

Site visits are also occasions for teams to engage in broader curriculum planning and to work on assessment plans.

Resource faculty can also help:

  • Bring the learning community team together with representatives from other areas of the institution to review progress and work through challenges
  • Meet students and/or observe classes to learn more about students’ learning community experiences
  • Meet with administrators to discuss the program and its relation to campus strategic plans

Fees for these visits vary depending on each consultant’s rates.

To request a visit, contact the Washington Center.