Reaching College Readiness

Integrative Assignments

College Readiness

Developing Study Techniques Through Study Groups

Understanding the Difference Between Fact and Opinion: GED Prep


At the Crossroads: Communication and English

Early Childhood Education

Career Exploration Project

Measuring Food Portions and Menu Planning

English and Writing

Choices: English, Reading, and College Study Skills

English Culminating Project-Reflections on Learning

GED Preparatory Writing Unit

Here and Now: Reading and English

How to Write Like an Academic Hero

InSync Learning Community: Basic Reading and Improvement of Writing

Using Writing to Express an Opinion: English and Pre-College GED


The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything, Pt. 1:

Philosophy and Composition


Making Every Word Count: Examining Thought Processes in Math and Writing

Motivation and Study Skills with Developmental Math

Developing Notetaking Skills

Student Success Strategies

Developing an Academic Plan

Culminating Project


Introductory Chemistry and Basic Design

Quality Control Analysis: Introductory Chemistry and Introductory Algebra