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New to learning communities? Designing a “link” for the first time? Just curious to see what others are doing in their courses? These are all great reasons to check out some actual assignments that instructors from across the state have designed in their own learning communities.

2014 Leadership Institute

2016 Ninth Annual Institute for Innovative Design and Practice

April 22-23, 2016



2015 Eighth Annual Curriculum Development Retreat


Designing Purposeful & Integrative Assignments
Building Integrative Assigments Handout, Cerritos College

Campus Food Initiative: An Integrative Theme Initiative at Cerrito College
Cerritos College

2014 Leadership Institute


Institute Reading
Learning as a Way of Leading: Lessons from the Struggle for Social Justice
Brookfield, Stephen and Stephen Preskill. Jossey-Bass. 2009. 1-20.

2014 Seventh Annual Curriculum Planning Retreat

Seminar Reading: "The Thriving Quotient: A New Vision for Student Success"
Schreiner, L. A. (2010), The “thriving quotient”: A new vision for student success. About Campus, 15: 2–10. doi: 10.1002/abc.20016
Facilitators: Joan Ahrens and Tate Hurvitz, Grossmont Community College

Designing Integrated Assignments in the Context of Contemporary Issues
Facilitator: Ana Torres-Bower, Cerritos College

Building Robust Partnerships between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs
Facilitators: Sheila Hill and Sue Parsons, Cerritos College

Sharing Learning Community Effective Practices
Facilitator: Elva Salinas, San Diego City College

Assessing Individual and Collaborative Dimensions of Learning Communities
Facilitator: Gillies Malnarich, Washington Center

Group work

2013 Sixth Annual Curriculum Planning Retreat

Designing and Assessing Integrative Assignments for Interdisciplinary Learning Communities
Sue Parsons and Anna Torres-Bower (Cerritos College). Introduction and overview to the CLCC retreat. 2013.

An Overview of Disciplinary Understanding: A Path Toward Interdisciplinary Integration
Kimberly Rosenfeld (Cerritos College). Integrative design presentation. CLCC retreat. 2013.

Designing Purposeful & Integrative Assignments
Workshop attendees were treated to a primer and then participated in an integrative assignment design process. They also used the following heuristic. CLCC retreat. 2013.

Designing Purposeful & Integrative Learning Form

Heuristic used in the Designing Purposeful & Integrative Assignment workshop. CLCC retreat. 2013.

The Evolution of Learning Communities: A Retrospective
Roberta S. Matthews, Barbara Leigh Smith, and Jean MacGregor. New Directions for Teaching and Learning. No. 32. Winter 2012.
Tate Hurvitz and Linda Mitchell of Grossmont College led a group conversation on this reading using the following protocol. CLCC retreat. 2013.

Conversation on a Reading (Protocol)
Tate Hurvtiz and Linda Mitchell (Grossmont College). CLCC retreat. 2013.

The Assessment Protocol and Disciplinary Understanding
Lance Kayser and Ilva Mariani (Cerritos College). CLCC retreat. 2013.

2010 Third Annual Curriculum Planning Retreat

Exploring Disciplinary and Subject Grounding: What, Exactly, Are Students Integrating?

Kimberly Rosenfeld and George Jarrett (Cerritos College). CLCC retreat. 2010.

2009 Second Annual Curriculum Planning Retreat

The Learning Community Advantage: A theory of change for contemporary times
Gillies Malnarich (Washington Center). Keynote Address. CLCC retreat. 2009.

Strengthening Your Learning Communities Program
Diane White (Solano Community College) and Ana Torres-Bower (Cerritos College). CLCC retreat. 2009.

Sample Assignments 

Integrative work

Developmental reading and writing

Ways to Link
Joan Ahrens and Jenny Nolen (Grossmont College). Suggestions for Ways to Link reading and writing assignments.

Grossmont College Project Success Learning Communities Linked-Course Assignments and Activities: Tuesdays with Morrie
Jenny Nolen and Sara Kovacs (Grossmont College). Collaboration on a sequence of assignments focusing on Tuesdays With Morrie.

Grossmont College Project Success Learning Communities Linked-Course Assignments and Activities: Huck Finn and The Kite Runner
Sue Jensen and Joan Ahrens (Grossmont College). Collaboration on assignments for Huckleberry Finn.

Transfer level and Interdisciplinary

Sequence Overview Project Success Link English 120/Science110
Tate Hurvitz and John Oakes (Grossmont College). A joint research project for their Freshman English and Introduction to Scientific Thought link.