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2014 Learning Community Coordinators' Meeting


Seattle Colleges District-wide Outcomes for the Integrated Studies AA Degree Requirement
North Seattle College. 2014.

North Seattle Community College Integrated Studies Requirements and Application for New Programs
North Seattle College. 2014.

What's in a Seminar
Jim Harnish (North Seattle College)

Beginnings: Connecting Learning, Identity and Culture (syllabus fall 2014)
Laura McCracken and Karen Stuhldreher (North Seattle College) 2014.

Beginnings: Shaping Cultures, Myths, and Identities (schedule fall 2014)
Laura McCracken and Karen Studhldreher (North Seattle College) 2014.

Assessing Individual & Collaborative Dimensions of Learning in Learning Communities
Gillies Malnarich (Washington Center). 2014.

Online Survey of Students' Experience of Learning in Learning Communities
Washington Center. 2014.

Peer-to-Peer Reflection Protocol
Washington Center.

Holyoke Community College Case Study: Insights From the Facilitated Discussion Based on Students' Writing Reflections
Holyoke Community College.

How Colleges Change: Understanding, Leading, and Enacting Change
Kezar, Andrianna. Routledge. 2014. 108-129.

2014 27th Annual Curriculum Planning Retreat


Washington Center's Learning Community Assessment Tools Survey
Washington Center. 2014.

A Statement on Integrative Learning
Integrative Learning: Opportunities to Connect. March 2004.

Students Learn to Document for Purposes of Medical Record Keeping
Gayatri Sirohi (Highline Community College)

Examples of Integrative Assignments
WLCC Member Institutions. 2014.

Juggling and the Art of the Integrative Assignment
Lynn Dunlap and Larry Sult. Learning Communities Research and Practice . 1(1). 2013.

Integrative Assignment Heuristic
Washington Center. 2010.

Procedure for Employing Integrative Assignment Heuristic
Washington Center. 2013.   

Website Recommendation - Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL)

Resources for Integrative & Interdisciplinary Assignments
Washington Center.

Designing Integrated Learning for Students: A Heuristic for Teaching, Assessment and Curriculum Design
Gillies Malnarich and Emily Lardner. 2003. Olympia, WA: Washington Center Occasional Paper. 2003.

Principles and Practices of Integrative Liberal Learning
Ann Ferren and David Poris. American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). 2013.

Integrative Learning Value Rubric
American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).

The Essential Learning Outcomes and Degree Qualifications Profile
Degree Qualifications Profile. Lumina Foundation. 2014.

The Degree Qualifications Profile 2.0
Cliff Adelman, Peter Ewell, Paul Gaston, and Carol Geary Schneider. Lumina Foundation. 2014.

Bodies Revealed: Representing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media
Jane Harradine and Karen Stuhldreher. (North Seattle College). 2014.  

2013 Learning Community Coordinators' Meeting


Using Washington Center's Online Survey to Design Ongoing Professional Development for Learning Community Programs
Gillies Malnarich (Washington Center) & Maureen Pettitt (Skagit Valley College). 2013.

Campus Case Study: Using Survey Data To Design Ongoing Professional Development For Learning Community Programs
Gillies Malnarich and Maureen Pettitt. 2013.

National Case Study: Results from 2012-13 Online Student Survey Administration
Gillies Malnarich and Maureen Pettitt. 2013.

Online Survey of Students' Experiences of Learning in Learning Communities
Washington Center. 2013.

Sustained Faculty Development in Learning Communities
Janine Graziano and Gabrielle Kahn. Learning Communities Research and Practice. 1:2. Article 5. 2013.
Reading discussion facilitated by Craig Goodman (Olympic College) and Karen Weathermon (Washington State University).

2013 Curriculum Planning Retreat


The State of the Practice: Current Trends in LC Research
Emily Lardner (Washington Center). 2013.

Tim Brown Urges Designers to Think Big
Tim Brown: CEO, IDEO. TED Talk. 2009.
Discussion facilitated by Greg Hinckley (Seattle Central Community College). 2013.

The Reader Response Essay: Uncovering Lenses and Interrogating Knowledge

Jane Harradine and student discussion panel (North Seattle Community College). 2013
Discussion about the nature, benefits, and challenges of the reader response essay, with students from In Their Own Words: Women Making History – a recent coordinated course in North Seattle Community Colleges Integrated Studies Program, facilitated by Jane Harradine.

2012 Learning Community Coordinators' Meeting


Learning about Learning Communities: Consider the Variables
Gary Pike. About Campus, November-December 2008.

Assessing Learning Community Programs—Issues and Projects

Emily Lardner (Washington Center). 

Heuristic: Making Learning Visible
Jack Mino (Holyoke Community College). Documentation heuristic for "Making Learning Visible" in LCs.

2012 Curriculum Planning Retreat