This page will be updated on an ongoing basis. Check back regularly for a full list of sessions for the 2020 summer institute.

Pre-Institute Partner Sessions

Monday, July 13 | 12:30-2:30 pm

These sessions are optional and are included in the cost of attending the institute. 

Turning Evidence into More Equitable Outcomes for Students: Lessons from the National Institute for Learning Outcomes (NILOA) and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
Facilitated by Pat Hutchings (NILOA), Erick Montenegro (NILOA) and Jillian Kinzie (NSSE)

This pre-conference session is an opportunity to explore a central theme of the Institute and an important component in campus action plans: how to use student learning outcomes assessment to create a culture of ongoing improvement.  We’ll begin with your questions and experiences about assessment—both challenges and successes—building toward a set of principles for effective practice based on and supported by resources from NILOA and NSSE.  The goal is to help you build assessment into your campus action plan in a way that will support your most important goals—for more and better student learning, more equitable outcomes, stronger curricular and co-curricular connections, and more effective teaching.

Cultivating Leadership for Institutional Change
Facilitated by Larry Roper (Oregon State University)

This interactive session will allow participants to explore the leadership landscape at their institution and within higher education and consider possibilities for how to achieve the meaningful change/transformation they seek. The session will focus on:

  • Understanding challenges and change;
  • Making sense of relationships and interactions;
  • Embracing leadership and the possibilities it presents; and
  • Declaring, committing and working towards desired outcomes.

Successful Learning Communities
Facilitated by Rachel Singer (Washington Center) and Janine Graziano (Kingsborough Community College)

This interactive, self-reflective workshop will explore why we do learning communities and how to best begin, support, sustain, and expand them. Participants will be invited to think about and discuss how to implement and/or grow learning communities on their campuses and will walk away with a plan for doing so. 


Advancing Equity in a Climate of Resistance: Aligning Culture and Strategy
Dr. Frank Harris III (Community College Equity Assessment Lab (CCEAL) at San Diego State University​)

Although the concepts of “equity” and “equity mindedness” are more widely embraced by educators now than they were a decade ago, closing equity gaps remains an elusive goal at most colleges. Thus, in this address, the presenter will unpack the myriad of institutional barriers that thwart systematic efforts to close equity gaps. In addition, they will propose intentional strategies to be enacted by college educators to move equity efforts forward despite these barriers. The insights of this presentation will be derived from the presenter’s experiences in working with colleges across the United States in a range of equity-related efforts and initiatives.

Concurrent Sessions

Coming soon...