Students at Skagit Valley College taking the survey -- Fall 2009

Annual Survey Findings

Since winter/spring 2010, 62 institutions have administered the survey, including two- and four-year schools, both private and public, as well as three institutions from outside the United States. Over 20,000 students have responded to the survey questions to date.

Each year, a two-page report on highlights from survey administrations is sent to participating institutions. Information includes number of colleges and universities participating, number of student responses, and the variety of learning communities students were enrolled in from pre-college to college-level studies.

The report also includes faculty activities or behaviors reported by students to happen “often” or “very often,” notably exceptional student outcomes or behaviors as well as what “sometimes” or “never” occurs in learning community classrooms according to students. Survey findings which relate directly to integrative learning are detailed as are students’ experiences in learning communities compared to other classes.

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