What to expect

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What can we expect from the remote coach?

Your coach will guide your team through the development of the two-year action plan using protocols developed and refined over the past 20 years.  A particular strength of this model is that your coach will use their years of expertise and experience relevant to your project to skillfully keep your team engaged and on track.  Your team will build a two-year action plan that will guide project implementation when you return to campus.

What can we expect from the expert consultation?

You can think of the expert consultation as a substitution for a workshop or concurrent session.  This individual will be selected to address some specific element of your project.  They will spend a couple of hours with you to deliver “just-in-time” advice and expertise.

When can I take advantage of these bundles?

Your coach will work directly with you to determine a schedule the equivalent of four days of consulting support. The keynote session will be recorded and accessible on demand through Canvas.  We have found that teams who treat this time like a retreat (3-4 consecutive days without interruption) are able to make the most progress towards their goals. 

What kind of technology will we need?

Our coaches will be provided with Zoom accounts and resources will be accessible through a Canvas site.  Individuals on your team will need to be able to participate in zoom meetings and navigate resources on Canvas - typically home network access and computers are sufficient.