A Sampling of Recent Dissertations

The range of topics addressed in the dissertations listed below reflects the breadth and depth of the field of learning community practice.

Baier, Stefanie Theresia (2014) The Role of Academic Factors, Self-Efficacy, Mentoring Relationships, and Learning Communities in Persistence and Academic Success of Freshmen College Students (PDF) (Wayne State University, Educational Psychology)

Fletcher, Randall P. (2015) Voices of Persistence: A Case Study Analysis of African American Male Community College Students Participating in a First-Year Learning Community (PDF) (University of Illinois, Educational Organization and Leadership)

Leptien, Jennifer (2012) Learning Communities: Understanding the transfer student experience (PDF) (Iowa State University, Human Development and Family Studies)

Lorch, Theresa Marie (2014) Entering the Big Zone: Accruing Social Capital in a Developmental Learning Community for Nontraditional Student of Color Success (PDF) (University of California Los Angeles, Education)

McPherson, Penny E. (2012) Leading and Developing a First Year Learning Community for Opportunity Program Students (PDF) (Rowan University, Department of Educational Leadership)

Sperry, Rita A. (2014) Prediction of Retention and Probation Status of First-Year College Students in Learning Communities Using Binary Logistic Regression Models (PDF) (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Curriculum and Instruction)

Stier, Mark Martin, (2014), The Relationship Between Living Learning Communities and Student Success on First-Year and Second-Year Students at the University of South Florida (PDF) (University of South Florida College of Education, Department of Adult, Career and Higher Education)

Wood, Vicky McEliece (2012) A Case Study of Learning Community Curriculum Models Implemented in Business Programs in Three Public Community Colleges in Ohio (PDF) (University of Toldeo, Higher Education)

Wurz, Keith Allen (2014) Effects of Learning Communities on Community College Students' Success: A Meta-Analysis (PDF) (Walden University College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

Yaqub, Samia (2010) Latina Student Perceptions of Learning Communities (PDF) (Oregon State University, Education)