The Resource Faculty Experience

The Washington Center's Resource Faculty are a community of committed practitioners who represent the heart of the Center's mission to create equitable learning opportunities for all students. They are carefully selected from colleges, universities, and organizations across the country (and beyond) and hold knowledge and experience in equity, professional and organizational learning, and using data and evidence for improvement. 

The primary work of Resource Faculty is to coach and facilitate campus teams at the Washington Center Summer Institute for Improving Undergraduate Education. Resource faculty are selected annually from a pool to provide tailored supports and coaching to teams. 

Do you have coaching skills and valuable expertise in higher education changework?  Apply now to be included in the resource faculty pool.

Before the Institute

Keep us informed! We know as lifelong learners you are constantly developing new skills since the last time you served as resource faculty.  Please complete this brief survey to help us select resource faculty that can best support teams.  Complete the form before selection begins in January.

Concurrent Session Planning

Resource faculty present concurrent sessions in facilitation pairs on topics that align with team projects. 

In spring, the Washington Center will connect you with your partner and topic to give you plenty of time to plan and prepare materials. Often this will give you the opportunity to collaborate with someone new. Dedicated time is set aside on Monday morning to finalize your concurrent session.

Resource Faculty Orientation

Resource faculty convene for a half-day orientation and dinner on Sunday.  The purpose of this time is to orient new resource faculty, build community, and invest in our own professional development.

During the Institute

When the magic happens!  The primary work of resource faculty occurs during the institute.  The bulk of your time will be spent directly working with teams.  You will also present one or two concurrent sessions. On Wednesday afternoon, you will convene with resource faculty for dinner and to write feedback on the team action plans.

Review the draft resource faculty schedule for an overview of the week.

After the Institute

Stay in touch!  Your final task will be to complete a feedback survey letting us know how the week went for you and offering your advice for improving next year.  Additionally, the Washington Center will reach out periodically with opportunities to stay engaged as part of a resource faculty learning community.  If your contact information changes, please be sure to let us know.