Institute for Improving Undergraduate Education

Join us!! Mark your calendar for July 10-14, 2023.

The Washington Center Summer Institute is a team event.  You bring a team of invested people with knowledge about an issue that matters on your campus. The Washington Center will provide skillful coaching, a tested action-planning process, and thought-provoking opportunities to learn from well-known experts.

The institute offers your campus team the time and support you need to make a difference for undergraduates on your campus.

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Our framework

Our approach is anchored in the assumption that equity-focused initiatives sustain success when they attend to three critical areas for guiding and managing change:

  1. defined outcomes that close equity gaps for students,
  2. professional learning opportunities to support the individuals charged with implementation, and
  3. a commitment to continuous improvement that is responsive to data and evidence.

Guiding principles

The institute employs a process designed to get teams to success. This process is undergirded by four guiding principles:

  • Tailored supports. The topics for sessions and expertise of resource faculty are selected in response to teams needs. Teams receive significant coaching from experts as they work together to build their plan.
  • Strong teams. Successful teams have diverse perspectives and campus roles; work through difference with the understanding that the end product will be better for it; and represent critical constituencies on their campuses. 
  • Time to think and plan. The one thing most teams don’t have at home is dedicated time together.  The summer institute provides time away from campus, giving them the space and time to dig deep collectively.
  • A supportive network. No plan is bullet-proof.  When teams hit hurdles or need help, they can fall back on the network of talented resource faculty and peers they develop at the institute.

Join the Collaborative!

Interested in getting a taste of what the summer institute might offer? Consider attending one of our Collaborative mini-workshops this year. To learn more, visit our Collaborative webpage.