Projects & Initiatives


Summer Institute for Improving Undergraduate Education
The Washington Center Summer Institute for Improving Undergraduate Education will give your campus team dedicated time to develop a 2-year action plan with tailored support. 

The Washington Center's consulting opportunities will offer your campus team the time and support to develop a two-year action plan for your campus initiative. You convene a team of invested people with knowledge about an issue that matters on your campus. 

Learning Communities
Explore resources focused on using learning communities, a high impact practice, to facilitate student learning, strengthen guided pathways, and address equity gaps across campus.

Learning Communities Research and Practice (LCRP)
LCRP promotes practices and knowledge that strengthen the learning community field. Submit an article today!

Evergreen Learning and Teaching Commons
The Learning and Teaching Commons at the Washington Center is an institutional space where faculty of the Evergreen State College can cultivate practices and develop tools that will give all students the chance to excel and to meet the Six Expectations of an Evergreen graduate.​ 

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