About the Commons

Our mission

Evergreen’s Learning & Teaching Commons promotes a generative culture of interdisciplinary teaching and learning that is student-centered, equity-minded, inquiry-oriented, and committed to access and excellence. We aim to promote better classroom experiences that lead to increased student learning and retention. The Commons is conceived as an institutional space where faculty can cultivate practices and develop tools that will give all students the chance to excel and to meet the Six Expectations of an Evergreen graduate.

Our principles

Learning-centered, equity-minded, inquiry-oriented, committed to access and excellence.

Learning and Teaching Commons Faculty Scholars

Eric Stein (2020-2021)

Eric Stein, faculty scholar,  standing by a treeI started teaching as a graduate student in anthropology and history at the University of Michigan in 1997; since coming to Evergreen in 2007, I have had the opportunity to co-teach with, and learn from, 21 faculty members from across the college. My earlier research and publications considered public health–especially hygiene and family planning–within the histories of colonialism, decolonization, and nationalism in twentieth century Indonesia. In my ongoing, visually oriented book project on oral history, archival studies, and ethnography, I am thinking through ways to engage students in ethically grounded, self-reflexive, collaborative research that aims to have an impact in their own lives and communities. As the Learning and Teaching Commons Scholar, I plan to uplift the collective experience and wisdom of faculty, staff, and students from each of Evergreen’s campuses, and draw on current insights and innovations within Higher Education, to help address the challenges we face as a university.

Joli Sandoz (2018-2020)

Joli Sandoz, faculty scholarJoli Sandoz has facilitated Evergreen classroom learning communities since 1995. She teaches primarily in the humanities and social sciences, focusing on writing, analog game design, and community studies. Before coming to Evergreen, Joli coached intercollegiate track and field and taught recreation administration. She also has worked professionally outside of academia, taking on tasks ranging from policy analysis, program management, and community outreach in healthcare and public health settings, to management of her own consulting practice providing writing and organizational development services to non-profits and government agencies. Joli was accepted to attend Evergreen as a student, but life took her elsewhere first. She counts herself as extremely fortunate now to be at Evergreen as a member of the faculty. She is honored to serve as the 19-20 Learning and Teaching Commons Scholar.

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