sPeer-to-Peer Reflection Protocol

This companion tool to the Online Survey of Students’ Experiences of Learning in Learning Communities probes the collaborative dimension of learning in LCs. Once students complete the survey, the Peer-to-Peer Reflection Protocol (PDF) invites students to do a post-survey written reflection exercise that asks them to give one or two examples to support their rating of the two questions from the online survey most related to integrative learning.

In my learning community, I:

  • Work on connecting or integrating ideas, strategies, or skills from classes (or disciplines) included in this learning community
  • Reflect on how these connections lead to new insights or understanding

These responses become the basis for a facilitated discussion where students have an opportunity to explore the individual and collaborative nature of learning in LCs in the company of peers. Our use of a similar protocol as part of the Online Survey Validation Study prompted stimulating and insightful conversations. See the recent article on this study in Learning Communities Research and Practice (volume 2, issue 1) for more information.

Administration of the Protocol

If your LC program is interested in piloting the use of the Peer-to-Peer Reflection protocol as a follow-up to the online survey, please check this option section in the Memorandum of Agreement (PDF) for the online survey.

We will organize conference calls with clusters of participating institutions to discuss your discoveries and to address ways to refine the protocol.