About the Washington Center

Our Work

The Washington Center for Improving Undergraduate Education, a public service center at The Evergreen State College, serves as a resource for two- and four-year higher ed institutions intent on creating equitable learning opportunities for all students.

We support campuses in their work to improve undergraduate programs through:

  • The National Summer Institute on Learning Communities (NSILC), designed for campus teams focused on using learning communities as a high impact strategy to improve student learning
  • Using Evidence for Improvement: the Teaching and Learning National Institute (TLNI), designed for campus teams committed to using multiple forms of evidence to design, implement and assess initiatives aimed at improving student learning
  • Exploring the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning through an Equity Mindset (SoTL), for faculty committed to implementing an equity mindset in their teaching and their scholarship
  • Learning Communities Research and Practice, an online, peer-reviewed journal
  • The Online Survey of Students' Experiences in Learning Communities
  • Campus-specific consulting, coaching, and professional development assistance
  • Expanding connections between campuses and communities through projects like Curriculum for the Bioregion

Contact us for more information about any of these opportunities.