Learning Communities and Student Affairs: Partnering for Powerful Learning

Barbara Leigh Smith and Lee Burdette Williams, with others. Learning Communities & Educational Reform monograph series. Fall 2007.

This publication explores learning communities and their potential through the lens of student affairs. Common points of involvement are examined and successful collaborative efforts at a variety of institutions are described. Examples include stories of programs that have responded effectively to some of higher education's most challenging populations: first generation students, non-traditional students and distance-learning students.

Preface (PDF)
Gwendolyn Jordan Dungy

Academic and Student Affairs: Fostering Student Success (PDF)
Barbara Leigh Smith and Lee Burdette Williams

Working Together From the Ground Up (PDF)
Doug Gruenewald and Corly Brooke

Supporting First-Year Transitions (PDF)
Jodi Levine Laufgraben, Michele L. O'Connor and Jermaine Williams

Building Effective Peer Mentor Programs (PDF)
Frankie D. Minor

Attending to Cultural Differences (PDF)
Marcellene L. Watson-Derbigny

Developing Core Skills in the Major (PDF)
Paul Arcario, J. Elizabeth Clark and Marisa Klages

Connecting with Local Communities (PDF)
Joye Hardiman, Barbara Leigh Smith, Kim Washington and Ed Brewster

Assessing Learning Community Programs and Partnerships (PDF)
Aaron M. Brower and Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas