LC Resources

National Summer Institute on Learning Communities

Residential institute designed to help campus teams develop two-year action plans aimed at starting and/or strengthening learning community and living/learning community programs.

Learning Communities Research and Practice

Forum for higher education professionals to share research, effective practices, and perspective related curricular and residential learning communities. Published twice a year in May and November.

Regional Networks

These networks and consortiums offer opportunities to connect with peers at nearby institutions as well as cost-effective professional development opportunities at regional retreats.

Learning Community Association

Formed in 2016, the LCA aims to foster college student learning, success, and development through the production and dissemination of knowledge that informs learning community theories, policies, practices, programs, and professional development enacted by higher education faculty, staff, and administrators.”

LEARNCOM Listserve

Sign up to join over 700 learning communities practitioners from across the country sharing questions and experiences.

Elon University Center for Engaged Learning

The Center for Engaged Learning brings together international leaders in higher education to develop and to synthesize rigorous research on central questions about student learning.

Learning Communities Directory 

Find learning community programs and contact people at institutions throughout the United States. Links to learning community program websites are included.

National Learning Communities Conference

This annual conference brings together learning community researchers, faculty, staff, administrators, and students to share current projects and practices.

Washington Center Monographs on Learning Communities

Eleven monographs on different aspects of learning communities. Topics include student affairs, diversity and educational equity, developmental education, research and assessment, service-learning, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and research universities.