Doing Learning Community Assessment: Five Campus Stories

Doing Learning Community Assessment: Five Campus Stories

Jean MacGregor, editor. National Learning Communities Project monograph series. 2003.

This publication focuses on five colleges and universities (Temple, Iowa State, South Florida, Skagit Community College, Portland State) and their assessment programs, which offer examples of varying goals, methods, and outcomes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction, Assessment as an Integral Part of Educational Change: Assessment in and of Learning Community Programs (PDF)
William S. Moore, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Chapter 2: The Assessment Journey of the Learning Communities at Temple University: Learning to Assess and Assessing to Learn (PDF)
Jodi Levine Laufgraben, Temple University

Chapter 3: Assessment's Role in Transforming a Grass Roots Initiative into an Institutionalized Program: Evaluating and Shaping Learning Communities at Iowa State University (PDF)
Mary E. Huba, Shari Ellertson, Michelle D. Cook, and Douglas L. Epperson, Iowa State University

Chapter 4: The Evolution of a Participatory Approach to Assess Learning Communities at the University of South Florida (PDF)
Teresa L. Flateby, University of South Florida

Chapter 5: The Assessment Chase: The Changing Shape of Assessment in Shaping Change at Skagit Valley College (PDF)
Les Stanwood and Lynn Dunlap, Skagit Valley College

Chapter 6: Student Learning as Program Evaluation: Student Portfolio Assessment in University Studies at Portland State University (PDF)
Judy Patton, Philip Jenks, and Yves Labissiere, Portland State University

Chapter 7: Additional Resources (PDF)

Chapter 8: Contributors (PDF)